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1501Hoagy Carmichael - Mitchell ParishStardust - Hoagy Carmichael - Mitchell Parish"Stardust" is an American popular song composed in 1927 by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics added in 1929 by Mitchell Parish. Originally titled "Star Dust", Carmichael first recorded the song at the Gennett Records studio in Richmond, Indiana. The song, "a song about a song about love", played in an idiosyncratic melody in medium tempo, became an American standard, and is considered one of the most recorded songs of the 20th century, with over 1,500 total recordings.19originalpdf110
1502George StraitAll My Ex's Live In Texas - George Strait"All My Ex's Live In Texas" is the title of a song recorded by country singer George Strait. It was released in April 1987 as the second single from Strait's album, Ocean Front Property. A version of the song recorded by its co-author Sanger D. Shafer appeared in the 1989 film Road House and the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Words and Music by Sanger D. Shafer and Lyndia J. Shafer 19863originalpdf110
1503Zez ConfreyKitten on the Keys (1922) - Zez ConfreyKitten on the Keys (1922) - Edward Elzear "Zez" Confrey (April 3, 1895 – November 22, 1971) was an American composer and performer of piano music. His most noted works were "Kitten on the Keys," and "Dizzy Fingers."4originalpdf000
1504Zez ConfreyDizzy Fingers (1923) - Zez ConfreyDizzy Fingers (1923) - Zez Confrey6originalpdf000
1505Zez ConfreyCoaxing the Piano (1922) - Zez ConfreyCoaxing the Piano (1922) - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1506Zez ConfreyGreenwich Witch (1921) - Zez ConfreyGreenwich Witch (1921) - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1507Zez ConfreyPoor Buttermilk (1921) - Zez ConfreyPoor Buttermilk (1921) - Zez Confrey3originalpdf000
1508Zez ConfreyImpromptu (1923) - Zez ConfreyImpromptu (1923) Three Little Oddities - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy 11/16/935originalpdf000
1509Zez ConfreyNovelette (1923) - Zez ConfreyNovelette (1923) Three Little Oddities - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy4originalpdf000
1510Zez ConfreyRomanza (1923) - Zez ConfreyRomanza (1923) Three Little Oddities - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy 11/15/933originalpdf000
1511Zez ConfreyAfter Theatre – Tango (1932 ) - Zez ConfreyAfter Theatre – Tango (1932 ) Moods of a New Yorker - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy6originalpdf000
1512Zez ConfreyAt Dusk (1932) - Zez ConfreyAt Dusk (1932) Moods of a New Yorker - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy5originalpdf000
1513Zez ConfreyMovie Ballet (1932) - Zez ConfreyMovie Ballet (1932) Moods of a New Yorker - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy6originalpdf000
1514Zez ConfreyRelaxation (1932) - Zez ConfreyRelaxation (1932) Moods of a New Yorker - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy4originalpdf000
1515Zez ConfreyAmazonia (1945) - Zez ConfreyAmazonia (1945) - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy7originalpdf000
1516Zez ConfreyConcert Etude (1929) - Zez ConfreyConcert Etude (1929) - Zez Confrey8originalpdf000
1517Zez ConfreyFourth Dimension (1959) - Zez ConfreyFourth Dimension (1959) - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1518Zez ConfreyHigh Hattin' (1924) - Zez ConfreyHigh Hattin' (1924) African Suite - Zez Confrey3originalpdf000
1519Zez ConfreyKinda Careless (1924) - Zez ConfreyKinda Careless (1924) African Suite - Zez Confrey3originalpdf000
1520Zez ConfreyMississippi Shivers (1924) - Zez ConfreyMississippi Shivers (1924) African Suite - Zez Confrey3originalpdf000
1521Zez ConfreyHumorestless (1925) - Zez ConfreyHumorestless (1925) - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1522Zez ConfreyJay Walk (1927) - Zez ConfreyJay Walk (1927) - Zez Confrey - Transcribed by Al Levy7originalpdf000
1523Zez ConfreyMighty Lackawanna (1936) - Zez ConfreyMighty Lackawanna (1936) Wise Cracker Suite - Zez Confrey3originalpdf000
1524Zez ConfreyYokel Opus (1936) - Zez ConfreyYokel Opus (1936) Wise Cracker Suite - Zez Confrey3originalpdf000
1525Zez ConfreyThe Sheriff's Lament (1936) - Zez ConfreyThe Sheriff's Lament (1936) Wise Cracker Suite - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1526Zez ConfreyMy Pet (1921) - Zez ConfreyMy Pet (1921) - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1527Zez ConfreySparkling Waters (1928) - Zez ConfreySparkling Waters (1928) Valse Brillante - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1528Zez ConfreyYou Tell 'em Ivories (1921) - Zez ConfreyYou Tell 'em Ivories (1921) - Zez Confrey4originalpdf000
1529Walt DisneyThe New Illustrated Treasury of Disney SongsComplete Sheet Music for Over 60 Popular Tunes, Revised and Updated : A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - A Spoonful Of Sugar - A Whole New World - Baby Mine - Be Our Guest - Beauty And The Beast - Bella Notte (This Is The Night) - Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo (The Magic Song) - Breaking Free - Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Candle On The Water - Circle Of Life - Colors Of The Wind - Cruella De Vil - Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat - Friend Like Me - Give A Little Whistle - Go The Distance - God Help The Outcasts - Hakuna Matata - Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Heigh-ho - Hi-diddle-dee-dee (An Actor's Life For Me) - I'm Late - I'm Wishing - I've Got No Strings - If I Didn't Have You - It's A Small World - Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) - Let's Get Together - Little April Shower - Mickey Mouse March - Minnie's Yoo Hoo - My Funny Friend And Me - Old Yeller - Once Upon A Dream - Part Of Your World - Reflection - Rock Star - Seize The Day - Some Day My Prince Will Come - Someday - Someone's Waiting For You - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett - The Bare Necessities - The Incredits - The Medallion Calls - The Second Star To The Right - The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers - True Love's Kiss - Trust In Me (The Python's Song) - Two Worlds - Under The Sea - We're All In This Together - When I See An Elephant Fly - When She Loved Me - When You Wish Upon A Star - Whistle While You Work - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf ? - Winnie The Pooh - Written In The Stars - Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) - You Are The Music In Me - You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! - You'll Be In My Heart - You've Got A Friend In Me - Zip-a-dee-doo-dah221livrepdf110
1530Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 1 - Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 1 - Produced by Almir Chediak - 62 songs containing melody, lyrics and harmony (numbered chords) for acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ and other instruments - All numbered chords are represented graphically for acoustic and electric guitar153livrepdf111
1531Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 2 - Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 2 - Produced by Almir Chediak146livrepdf111
1532Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 2 - Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 2 - Produced by Almir Chediak - 62 songs containing melody, lyrics and harmony (numbered chords) for acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ and other instruments - All numbered chords are represented graphically for acoustic and electric guitar140livrepdf111
1533Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 3 - Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 3 - Produced by Almir Chediak - 62 songs containing melody, lyrics and harmony (numbered chords) for acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ and other instruments - All numbered chords are represented graphically for acoustic and electric guitar114livrepdf111
1534Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 4 - Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 4 - Produced by Almir Chediak132livrepdf111
1535Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 5 - Almir ChediakSongbook - Bossa Nova Volume 5 - Produced by Almir Chediak - 63 songs containing melody, lyrics and harmony (numbered chords) for acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ and other instruments - All numbered chords are represented graphically for acoustic and electric guitar137livrepdf111
1536Arthur A. ReblitzPiano Servicing, Tuning, And Rebuilding - Arthur A. ReblitzPiano Servicing, Tuning, And Rebuilding - Arthur A. Reblitz - For the Professionnal, the Student and the Hobbyist (Second Edition)349livrepdf000
1537Audra McDonaldHow Glory Goes - Audra McDonaldHow Glory Goes (Audra McDonald) : Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home - Bill - I Had Myself A True Love - I Hid My Love - Was That You? - I Won't Mind - A Sleepin' Bee - Come Down From The Tree - I Never Has Seen Snow - When Did I Fall In Love? - The Man That Got Away - Somewhere - How Glory Goes - Lay Down Your Head78livrepdf110
1538Georg Friedrich Haendel (George Frideric Handel)Le Messie - Messiah (Soprano Solos), HWV 56 - Georg Friedrich Haendel (George Frideric Handel)Le Messie - Messiah (Soprano Solos), HWV 56 - Georg Friedrich Haendel - George Frideric Handel - Includes Recitatives For Soprano "There Were Shepherds Abiding In The Field" "And Lo! The Angel Of The Lord Came Upon Them" "And The Angel Said Unto Them" "And Suddenly There Was With The Angel" "Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zion!" "How Beautiful are the Feet Of Them" "I Know That My Redeemer Liveth" and "If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"26originalpdf100
1539David LiebmanA Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody - David LiebmanA Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody by David Liebman - Advance Music - This book is dedicated to all those artists worldwide with whom I have played and learned with over the years. It is through their empathy, inspiration and expertise that I have been able to find my path. - Fascinating book of harmony for very advanced musicians.166livrepdf000
1540Weather ReportWeather Report - Best Of (Full Score)Weather Report - Best Of (Full Score) - (Japanese Book) Black Market - Cannon Ball - Birdland - A Remark You Made - Young and Fine - Dream Clock - Rockin' Rhythm - Volcano For Hire - Procession - (Sax / Synth / Keyboards / Bass / Drums)117livrepdf010
1541Jimmy SmithBack at the Chicken Shack (Full Big Band) - Jimmy SmithBack at the Chicken Shack - Jimmy Smith - Full Big Band Arranged by Ray Leonard44livrepdf010
1542Jimmy SmithBack at the Chicken Shack - Jimmy SmithBack at the Chicken Shack by Jimmy Smith 19601relevépdf010
1543Billie Holiday - Bing Crosby - Ruth EttingBack in Your Own Backyard - Billie Holiday - Bing Crosby - Ruth EttingBack in Your Own Backyard (Ruth Etting - Billie Holiday - Bing Crosby) - Words an Music by Al Jolson, Billy Rose and Dave Dreyer 19271relevépdf110
1544Richard Wagner - Carl TausigDer Ritt der Walküren - La chevauchée des Walkyries - Richard Wagner - Carl TausigDer Ritt der Walküren von Richard Wagner für das Piano-Forte frei übertragen von Carl Tausig. La chevauchée des Walkyries, (en allemand, Walkürenritt ou Ritt der Walküren) est le terme populaire pour désigner le prélude de l'acte III de l'opéra Die Walküre composé par Richard Wagner.14originalpdf000
1545Harry ChapinCat's in the Cradle - Harry ChapinCat's in the Cradle - Words an Music by Harry Chapin and Sandy Chapin7originalpdf111
1546Gnarls BarkleyCrazy - Gnarls Barkley"Crazy" is the debut single from Gnarls Barkley, a musical collaboration between Danger Mouse and Cee Lo Green, and is taken from their 2006 debut album St. Elsewhere. It became a top ten hit throughout Europe, North America and Australia, in the first half of 2006, reaching number one of the single charts in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. Words and Music by Brian Burton, Thomas Callaway, Gianpiero Reverberi and Gianfranco Reverberi7originalpdf111
1547The AnimalsThe House of the Rising Sun - The AnimalsThe House of the Rising Sun est une chanson folk provenant des États-Unis, dont la version la plus connue a été enregistrée par le groupe The Animals en 1964.Words and Music by Alan Price3originalpdf111
1548Chris ReaChris Rea AnthologyChris Rea Anthology - Fool (If you think it's over) - Tennis - Every beat of my heart - I can hear your heartbeat - Love's strange ways - Midnight blue - Ace of hearts - I don't know what it is but I love it - Touché d'amour - Wired to the moon - Josephine - Shamrock diaries - Stainsby girls - Steel river - Giverny - It's all gone - Lucky day - On the beach68livrepdf111
1549Carole KingCarole King ClassicsCarole King Classics : Beautiful - Been to canaan - Believe in humanity - Brother brother - Corazon - Crying in the rain - Don't bring me down - Go away little girl - Hard rock cafe - Hey girl - Hi-de-ho - Home again - I can't stop talkin' about you - I feel the earth move - It's too late - Jazzman - Keep your hands off my baby - The loco-motion - (You make me feel like a) natural woman - Nightingale - Oh no not my baby - One fine day - Only love is real - Simple things - Smackwater jack - So far away - Some kind of wonderful - Sweet seasons - Take good care of my baby - Tapestry - Up on the roof - Way over yonder - Where you lead - Will you love me tomorrow - You've got a friend76livrepdf111
1550The Beach BoysThe Beach Boys Pet SoundsThe Beach Boys Pet Sounds : Caroline, no - Don't talk (Put your head on my shoulder) - God only knows - Here today - I just wasn't made for these times - I know there's an answer - I'm waiting for the day - Let's go away for awhile - Pet sounds - Sloop John B. - That's not me - Wouldn't it be nice - You still believe in me (Words and Music by Brian Wilson, Tony Asher and Mike Love)58livrepdf111
1551Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDéjà Vu (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)Déjà Vu (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) : Carry On • Teach your children • Cut my hair • Helpless • Déjà vu • Our house • 4 + 20 • Country girl • Everybody I love you • Lady of the island • Pre-road downs • Marrakesh Express • Suite: Judy blue eyes • Guinnevere • Wooden ships • Helplessly hoping • Long time gone • 49 Bye-byes • You don't have to cry106livrepdf111
1552Sofia Gubaidulina10 preludes for violoncello solo - Sofia Gubaidulina10 preludes for violoncello solo (rev. version 1999) (Sofia Gubaidulina) - Edition Sikorski 183917livrepdf000
1553György LigetiTen pieces for wind quintet (1968) - György LigetiTen pieces for wind quintet (1968) - Zehn Stücke für Bläserquintett - György Ligeti33livrepdf000
1554György LigetiAventures (György Ligeti)Aventures (György Ligeti) - For three singers and seven instrumentalists - Für drei sänger und sieben instrumentalisten38livrepdf000
1555Krzysztof PendereckiTe Deum (Krzysztof Penderecki)Penderecki's Te Deum for 4 Soloists, 2 Choirs and Orchestra in Full Score - Für 4 Solisten, 2 gemischte Chöre und Orchester (1979 / 80) Klavierauszug88livrepdf000
1556Thelonious MonkFake Book - Thelonious Monk Originals And StandardsFake Book - Thelonious Monk Originals And Standards Arranged for Piano by Charley Gerard107livrepdf010
1557Enrico MaciasLivre d'Or (Enrico Macias)Livre d'Or (Enrico Macias) : L'amour c'est pour rien - Le credo de l'exilé - Deux ailes et trois plumes - Enfants de tous pays - Les filles de mon pays - Les gens du Nord - Le grand pardon - La lavande - Malheur à celui qui blesse un enfant - Les millionnaires du Dimanche - Mon cœur d'attache - Paris tu m'as pris dans tes bras33livrepdf110
1558Fats WallerReminiscences of Fats WallerReminiscences of Fats Waller : At Twilight - Bessie, Bessie, Bessie - Come and Get It - Don't Give Me That Jive (Come On With The Come On) - 'Fats' Waller's Original E-Flat Blues - Let's Swing To Victory - Oh Baby, Sweet Baby - Rump Steak Serenade - (A) Sad Sapsucker Am I - (We Need A Little Love) That's All - Up Jumped You With Love - You Must Be Losin' Your Mind - The 'Fats' Waller Piano Style35livrepdf110
1559Jacques BrelNe Me Quitte Pas (Jacques Brel)Ne Me Quitte Pas (Jacques Brel) - Arranged by Mercuzio5relevépdf000
1560Jacques BrelLa chanson des vieux amants (Jacques Brel)La chanson des vieux amants (Jacques Brel) - Arranged by Mercuzio3relevépdf000
1561Lara FabianJe me souviens (Lara Fabian)Je me souviens (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio3relevépdf000
1562Lara FabianAdagio (Lara Fabian) Adagio (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio6relevépdf000
1563Lara FabianMademoiselle Hyde (Lara Fabian) Mademoiselle Hyde (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1564Lara FabianBambina (Lara Fabian)Bambina (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1565Lara Fabian - Josh GrobanBroken Vow (Lara Fabian - Josh Groban)Broken Vow (Lara Fabian - Josh Groban) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1566Lara FabianLa Lettre (Lara Fabian) La Lettre (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1567Astor Piazzolla20 Tangos (Astor Piazzolla)20 Tangos (Astor Piazzolla) : Adios nonino - Preparense - Chau Paris - Imperial - Tzigane tango - Pigmalion - S.V.P. - Contrabajeando - Luz y sombra (Lumière et ombre) - J'attends (Se fue sin decirme adios) - Bando - Tanguango - Sens unique - Rio sena - Marron y azul - La misma pena - Guardia nueva - Saint-Louis-en-L'ile - Contrastes - Plus ultra124livrepdf110
1568Aram Ilyich KhachaturianAlbum for Children (Aram Ilyich Khachaturian)Aram Kaciaturian (Aram Ilyich Khachaturian) : Album for Children for the Piano : 1.Andantino - 2.No walk today - 3.Ljado is sick - 4.Birthday - 5.Study - 6.Musical portrait - 7.Invention - 8.Fugue - 9.March of the cavaliers - 10.Tunes in folk style28livrepdf000
1569Kenneth BakerThe Afternoon Pianist (Kenneth Baker)The Afternoon Pianist - 46 all-time classic pop hits arranged by Kenneth Baker : (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - The 59th Street Bridge Song - All I Ask Of You - Anniversary Song - By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Copacabana - Eight Days A Week - Every Breath You Take - Falling In Love Again - Feelings - Green Green Grass Of Home - Guantanamera - Have I Told You Lately - House Of The Rising Sun - Imagine - Just An Old Fashioned Girl - La Bamba - Let It Be - Mamma Mia - Massachusetts - Mull Of Kintyre - On This Night Of A Thousand Stars - Ob-la-di Ob-la-da - One Moment In Time - One More Night - Perfidia - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Release Me - Rock Around The Clock - Sailing - Scarborough Fair - Sunrise Sunset - Super Trouper - The Entertainer - The Lady In Red - The Sound Of Silence - There Goes My Everything - Top Of The World - Wonderful Tonight - Your Cheatin' Heart - Could It Be Magic - Georgia On My Mind - Don't Blame Me - Hit The Road Jack - I Got Rhythm - I Left My Heart In San Francisco92livrepdf110
1570Al StewartThe Great Songs of Al StewartThe Great Songs of Al Stewart : Year of the Cat - If it doesn't come naturally, leave it - Midas Shadow - On the border - Broadway Hotel - Time Passages - A man for all seasons - The Palace of Versailles - Song on the Radio - Flying Sorcery -Valentina Way48livrepdf111
1571Lara FabianThe Dream Within (Lara Fabian)The Dream Within (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio5relevépdf000
1572Lara Fabian et Pascal ObispoSeras-tu là (Lara Fabian et Pascal Obispo)Seras-tu là (Lara Fabian et Pascal Obispo) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1573Lara FabianIl ne manquait que toi (Lara Fabian)Il ne manquait que toi (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1574Lara FabianI guess I loved you (Lara Fabian)I guess I loved you (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1575Lara Fabian - DalidaJe suis malade (Lara Fabian - Dalida)Je suis malade (Lara Fabian - Dalida) - Arranged by Mercuzio3relevépdf000
1576Lara FabianJe suis mon cœur (Lara Fabian)Je suis mon cœur (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1577Lara FabianMama (Lara Fabian)Mama (Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio4relevépdf000
1578Russell Watson et Lara FabianThe alchemist (Russell Watson et Lara Fabian)The alchemist (Russell Watson et Lara Fabian) - Arranged by Mercuzio6relevépdf000
1579Gilbert & SullivanA Treasury Of Gilbert & SullivanA Treasury of Gilbert & Sullivan : The Words and Music of One Hundred and Two Songs from Eleven Operettas - Contents : Trial by jury - The sorcerer - H.M.S. Pinafore - The pirates of Penzance - Patience - Iolanthe - Princess Ida - The Mikado - Ruddigore - The yeomen of the guard - The gondoliers226livrepdf100
1580Gilbert & SullivanPrincess Ida (Gilbert & Sullivan)Princess Ida or Castle Adamant is a comic opera with music by Arthur Sullivan and libretto by W. S. Gilbert. It was their eighth operatic collaboration of fourteen. Princess Ida opened at the Savoy Theatre on January 5, 1884, for a run of 246 performances.190livrepdf100
1581Charlélie CoutureComme un avion sans ailes (Charlélie Couture)Comme un avion sans ailes (Charlélie Couture)2originalpdf011
1582Patricia KaasMon mec à moi (Patricia Kaas)Mon mec à moi (Patricia Kaas) - Musique de François Berheim - Paroles de Didier Barbelivien4relevépdf000
1583François FeldmanLes Valses de Vienne (François Feldman)Les Valses de Vienne - Musique de François Feldman - Paroles de Jean-Marie Moreau3simplifiéeimage110
1584Eddy Mitchell (Claude Moine)Sur la route de Memphis (Eddy Mitchell)Sur la route de Memphis est le dix-septième album studio d'Eddy Mitchell sorti en 1976. Cette chanson a été écrite et composée par Tom T. Hall en version originale sous le titre " That's how i got to Memphis ". Adaptation française de Claude Moine4originalimage111
1585Richard AnthonyÀ présent tu peux t'en aller (Richard Anthony)À présent tu peux t'en aller, adaptation avec Jean-Max Rivière de « I only want to be with you », créée par Dusty Springfield, paroles et musique originales américaines de Mike Hawker et Ivor Raymonde (1964)1simplifiéepdf010
1586Didier BarbelivienÀ toutes les filles (Didier Barbelivien)À toutes les filles - Paroles : Félix Gray - Musique : Didier Barbelivien1simplifiéepdf010
1587FolkloreÀ la pêche aux moules - FolkloreA la pêche aux moules. Chanson pour enfants. Comptine pour enfants sur le thème de la pêche aux moules. C'est l'histoire d'un enfant qui a rencontré des problèmes lors de la pêche. Magnifique chant pour les petits.1simplifiéepdf010
1588BézuLa queuleuleu (Bézu)La queuleuleu (Bézu) - Auteurs compositeurs : Guy Lux - Gérard Tempesti - Année : 19871simplifiéepdf010
1589Hall & OatesDaryl Hall & John Oates (Silver Album)Daryl Hall & John Oates (Silver Album) : She's gone - Camelia - Sara Smile - Alone too long - Out of me, out of you - Nothing at all - Ennui on the mountain - (You know) It doesnt matter anymore - Gino (The manager) - Grounds for separation43livrepdf111
1590Howard JonesBest of Howard JonesBest of Howard Jones : All I want - Always asking questions - Everlasting love - Hide and seek - Life in one day - Like to get to know you well - Look mama - New song - No one is to blame - Pearl in the shell - The prisoner - Things can only get better - What is love? - You know I love you......... don't you?76livrepdf111
1591Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac AnthologyFleetwood Mac Anthology : As long as you follow - The chain (Keep me there) - Don't stop - Dreams - Everywhere - Fireflies - Gold dust woman - Gypsy - Hold me - I don't want to know - Landslide - Little lies - Love in store - No questions asked - Oh Daddy - Over my head - Rhiannon - Sara - Save me - Say you love me - Seven wonders - Sisters of the moon - Skies the limit - Songbird - Storms - Think about me - You make lovin' fun143livrepdf111
1592AimableAimable 14 SuccèsAimable 14 Succès : Bouchon à la Bastille - C'est un soupir d'accordéon - Cha-cha cool - Farandole Biguine - J'ai le coeur tango - Je suis taxi boy - Les plus belles vasles musettes - Les roses de Marrakech - Mais au fait qu'est-ce qu'on fête - Merci Aimable - Musette à tout va - Pas de frontières pour l'accordéon - Plaza de Segovia - Tzigane mon ami60livrepdf010
1593Jane BirkinJane Birkin 12 SuccèsJane Birkin 12 Succès : Di doo dah - Ex fan des sixties - Quoi - Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve - Je t'aime moi non plus - Ballade de Johnny Jane - Norma Jean Baker - Baby alone in Babylone - Les dessous chics - Lost song - Le moi et le je - Une chose entre autres32livrepdf110
1594Jane BirkinJane Birkin Livre d'OrJane Birkin Livre d'Or : Amour des Feintes - Baby alone in Babylone - Ballade de Johnny Jane - Les dessous chics - Di Doo Dah - Et bien quand même - Ex-fan des sixties - Fuir le bonheur de peur qu'il ne se sauve - Je t'aime moi non plus - Lost song - Le moi et le je - Norma Jean Baker - Quoi - Une chose entre autres40livrepdf110
1595Gérard Lenorman17 succès de Gérard Lenorman17 succès de Gérard Lenorman : Boulevard De L'océan - De Toi - Et Moi Je Chante - Gentil Dauphin Triste - Il - L'enfant Des Cathédrales - La Ballade Des Gens Heureux - Le Petit Prince - Les Jours Heureux - Les Matins D'hiver - Michèle - Quelque Chose Et Moi - Si J'étais Président - Si Tu Ne Me Laisse Pas Tomber - Soldats Ne Tirez Pas - Voici Les Clefs - Warum Mein Vate80livrepdf110
1596Jacques HigelinJacques Higelin 20 SuccèsJacques Higelin 20 Succès : Ah La La Quelle Vie Qu'Cette Vie - Dans Mon Aéroplane Blindé - Champagne - Trois Tonnes de T.N.T. - Un Aviateur Dans L'Ascenseur - Tête En L'Air - L... Comme Beauté - Slim Black Boogie - La Croisade Des Enfants - Lettre A La Petite Amie De L'Ennemi Public N°1 - Parc Montsouris - Bras De Fer - Manque De Classe - Nascimo - Victoria - Tom Bonbadilom - La Ballade De Chez Tao - Higelin Tombé Du Ciel - Poil Dans La Main - Je Ne Peux Plus Dire Je T'Aime86livrepdf111
1597Vanessa ParadisVanessa Paradis Best ofVanessa Paradis Best of : Il y a - Pourtant - Marilyn & John - Dis lui toi que je t'aime - Joe le taxi - Maxou - Sunday mondays - Tandem - Natural high - Commando - Be my baby - Divine idylle - Dès que j'te vois - Just as long as you are there - Que fait la vie - L'incendie - Dans mon café - La déclaration d'amour - Jackadi - I love Paris - Emmenez-moi - Ballade de Johnny Jane - When I say - Concia chachacha - St Germain - This will be our year - Les filles Electricques - Made in Asia - Abracadabra - I wouldn't dare - Scarabée - Varvara Pavlovna154livrepdf111
1598AdeleAlbum Adele 21Album Adele 21 : Rolling in the Deep - Rumour has it - Turning Tables - Don't you remember - Set fire to the Rain - He won't go - Take it all - I'll be waiting - One and only - Lovesong - Someone Like You67livrepdf111
1599Léo FerréLéo Ferré Livre d'OrLéo Ferré Livre d'Or : L'Affiche rouge - L'amour fou - Avec le temps - C'est extra - La chanson du scaphandrier - Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent? - L'île Saint-Louis - Jolie môme - Pépée - Le piano du pauvre - Les poètes - Le pont Mirabeau - La The Nana - La vie d'artiste - Vingt ans39livrepdf100
1600BarbaraBarbara Collection Grands InterprètesBarbara Collection Grands Interprètes : A mourir pour mourir - Amours incestueuses - Attendez que ma joie revienne - Au bois de Saint Amand - Au coeur de la nuit - Bref - Ce matin-là - Dis ! Quand reviendras-tu ? - Drouot - Gare de Lyon - Göttingen - Je ne sais pas dire - L'aigle noir - L'homme en habit rouge - La solitude - Le bel âge - Le mal de vivre - Les insomnies - Les mignons - Les rapaces - Ma plus belle histoire d'amour - Marienbad - Mes hommes - Moi, je me balance - Mon enfance - Nantes - Perlimpimpin - Une petite cantate - Pierre - Quand ceux qui vont - Quel joli temps (Septembre) - Rémusat - Si la photo est bonne - La solitude - Vienne - Y'aura du monde184livrepdf111

Suite des Partitions (Affichage 1601 à 1700)

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